Pediatrics_CASE 1


8 years old Boy studying 2nd Std at English school
Presenting complain
Submandibular gland swelling, pain
history of (h/o): of high fever since 2 years .
Frequency every 15 days course of antibiotics taken.
Since birth coryza, cough.
Weakness after fever.
Past h/o:
NO h/o of Typhoid, Jaundice, Malaria.

Family h/o
Father - sneezing, Allergy
Mother - Allergic Rhinitis, Backache
Mother h/o: suffering with skin itching, injury to finger.

Physical Generals:
Appetite- decreased, takes non-veg. Thirst-decreased.
Desires-Milk, Sweets
Aversions - nothing specific.
Sleep –shouts in sleep.
Sweat - scanty.
Motion - N.S
Urine - N.S
All milestones are normal.
Vaccination is done.
Very intelligent boy.
All teachers will tell to mother that your son is extraordinary. Egoistic, plays alone.
Introvert, less friends.

Depending on history rubrics taken
-Precocity of children
- Milk desires
- Reserved

17-Feb-2014-First treatment given

6-Mar-2014 Follow-up
No glandular pain.

Mother was happy as boy started helping her in kitchen work.

NOTE:-PRECOCITY-‘’Rapid growth and ripeness before the usual time’’.
This is a mind rubric should therefore be taken as referring to children whose attitudes or abilities seem Prematurely adults