What ailments can be treated by Homeopathy?

Almost all ailments are amenable to homeopathic treatment. But Homeopathy is best known for its ability to treat chronic ailments.

Be it skin disease, chronic gastric and intestinal disorders, chronic fatigue syndrome, migraine, asthma, allergic disorders, menstrual complaints, other hormonal disorders, arthritis, psychological disorders etc etc. All these and many more chronic ailments have been affected curatively by Homeopathy.

Homeopathy is also very effective in acute ailments. And the action of a rightly selected medicine is usually faster than any other medicines.

How to take homeopathic medicines?

Homeopathic medicines are available in sugar pills and in liquid form. The exact way of administration depends upon the medicine, its potency, the condition being treated, and the sensitivity of the patient.

At one time a few sugar pills or a few drops of liquid medicine may be given.

Please ask your doctor before taking any homeopathic medicine.

When to take medicines?

Medicines are administered in below categories

  1. Morning Pills
  2. Evening Pills and
  3. SOS

To be taken 15 minutes before or after the food or drink or brush